Why We Should Avoid Added Sugar At All Costs

Why We Should Avoid Added Sugars At All Costs

It is rather common knowledge that added sugars in our foods and beverages are bad for our health. But stop and consider how horrible they are with my Top 6 Reasons to Avoid Sugar below.

No Nutritional Value: This one is a no-brainer. Added sugar has absolutely NO redeeming value! There is not a single thing Earth Girl can say that provides any positivity to consuming sugar. Done.

Contributes to Tooth Decay: Okay, so this has been around for awhile as well. But the large increase in added sugars to everyday products has contributed to a rise in tooth decay in spite of dramatic improvements to our dental care and a multi-billion dollar oral care industry. We all have bacteria in our mouths (both good and bad). These bacteria eat sugar for nourishment. A by-product of this bacteria feast is acid. Acid erodes your teeth and causes decay. By limiting your added sugar intake and brushing/flossing everyday, you reduce the chance you will develop caries.

Contributes to Insulin Resistance, Pre-diabetes, and Diabetes: There should be no surprise here! Consuming large amounts of sugar overloads your body’s response to deal with the influx of sugar. Too much sugar causes the pancreas to constantly increase the amount of insulin it needs to make. Eventually the pancreas can’t keep up with production and the cells that take in sugar to be used by the body don’t work properly. All of this causes a perfect storm of chronically high blood sugar levels. Allowing high blood sugar levels to remain high through the overconsumption of sugary products will eventually lead to pre-diabetes and type II diabetes.

Leading Contributor to Obesity in Children and Adults: Unlike other healthy nutrients the body consumes, sugar provides no sense of satiety to the body. Your body never gets what it craves (needs) and constantly desires more. In other words, you never feel full. This causes greater calorie consumption and weight gain. In addition, added sugars that can’t be immediately used by the body are stored as fat in the body. The preferred storage location is in your abdomen. Extra abdominal fat is some of the worst kind of fat leading to a variety of unfavorable metabolic disorders.

Highly Addicting: Eating sugar causes your body to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls your body’s reward center. Eating sugar essentially makes you feel good. The reward response to sugar is similar to other rewarding behaviors such as a great run or illegal drugs. If your body is rewarded, it desires more. Food and drink manufacturers and marketers use this “sugar reward” to their benefit–not yours. They create and incredible combination of not only sugar but also salt and fat to create an incredibly satisfying sensation every time your consume their product. They want you to become addicted so you buy more of their products. Breaking a sugar habit is challenging, but absolutely necessary and achievable. If you need help in your sugar addiction, contact Earth Girl to help you overcome your addiction.

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