Why the Poppy??

Poppies, poppies EVERYWHERE!!

As you go through this online community you will see that the red poppy is always within eyesight. It is a part of Roanoke for Women, Roanoke for Moms and the Roanoke Valley Lifestyle Showcase.

Why you ask??

A little more than a year ago, when I knew that I was FINALLY going to create and launch this website, I met my friend Holly for coffee. We talked a bit and I shared with her some of my ideas and she said “Dayna, you are a tall poppy.” WHAT??

Yes, that was my question to her. I have been called a lot of things in my life but never a tall poppy.

She told me about a “syndrome” called the “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

You know those people in your life who are ALWAYS negative, those who want to rain on your parade?? Or maybe its people who are NOT in your life but who are aware of you and what you have going on and they speak poorly about you or your ideas or they belittle and dismiss you.

Basically, people who want to “CUT YOU DOWN TO SIZE”.

Those people have “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

Those people are so uncomfortable with other people being successful and reaching their goals that they seem to stop at NOTHING to try to keep you at their level.

Holly said to me “Dayna, no matter what you have gone through in life, personally or professionally, you always find a way to keep growing. People have tried to cut you down. Yet here you are growing again. You, my friend, are a tall poppy.”

It would be a lie to tell you that I didn’t cry then or that I haven’t cried since then when I think about it.

For some reason, no matter what life has thrown at me, it has never been able to completely sever my stem. I have healed and there may be a few scars on my stem but I GROW ON.

In creating the Roanoke for Women and Roanoke for Moms communities and in producing the Roanoke Valley Women’s Lifestyle Showcase, I KNEW that the red poppy had to be a part of everything I did, as a reminder to me to grow and STAND TALL.

It was also a reminder that all of the local business owners and representatives and community organizations who were to be a part of this movement, would also be TALL POPPIES. I knew that the women who would be using this website would also be TALL POPPIES.

I knew that people who had “Tall Poppy Syndrome” would not want to be a part of it all and that is TOTALLY OK!!

So, here we go Roanoke Valley!! Its now time to come together and grow a field of tall poppies….of local businesses and organizations that cant wait to connect and serve local women and mom consumers and of local women and mom consumers that cant wait to become clients and customers of local businesses and organizations that TRULY want to do business (with integrity) with them.

Come and grow with us and TALL POPPY ON!!

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