Five Reasons to Drink Komucha Daily

Five Reasons To Drink Kombucha Daily

Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea that contains beneficial living bacteria and yeast. Drinking kombucha on a daily basis can provide a multitude of health benefits including the five we are about discuss. There hasn’t been a lot of research to support the consumption of kombucha but there have been large amounts of research to support the importance of a proper colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast in your gut. Keeping that in mind, kombucha doesn’t have any negative health benefits (that we know of to date)…so it can’t hurt to try! With the traditional use of this drink for over 2,000 years in a variety of other countries, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support its consumption!

Improved Digestion and Maintenance of a Healthy Intestinal Environment. Kombucha contains the beneficial living bacteria and yeast that normally inhabit your gut. These bacteria and yeast help digest foods so they are more easily absorbed through the intestinal wall to become useful nutrients in the body. From personal experience, any issues I have had with constipation in the past (regardless of what else I have tried), nothing compares to the benefits I have found in drinking Kombucha for my daily constitutional! (Hope that wasn’t TMI…but trust me…it works!)

Can Help Prevent Cancer Kombucha is rich in anti-oxidants that are well known for their ability to help in the prevention of cancer. Anti-oxidants are substances that prevent free-radicals (bad guys in your body) from attacking healthy cells. Anti-oxidants are best consumed in their natural state…such as in the natural state they occur in Kombucha!

Helps Detoxify the Liver The liver is the main organ used for the detoxification of “foreign” or harmful substances from the body. Detoxification is best achieved through natural (close to the earth) ingredients. Glucaric acid is an ingredient found in Kombucha and is an important component in the processing of toxins from your body and subsequent removal through the liver.

Boosts Your Immune System Once again, the naturally occurring anti-oxidants found in Kombucha are perfect for an immune system boost! Watch our Vitamin C…you have company!

Kombucha is available for purchase in most large grocery store chains. It is also readily available at most farmer’s markets and co-ops. It is also extremely easy to make on your own. Recipes can be found on any internet search.

The gentle reminder from Earth Girl is to make Kombucha a healthy addition to a holistic meal plan with proper sleeping habits, proactive stress reduction and realistic activity levels!

Bottoms up!

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