Are you feeling like many other businesses in Roanoke?

 Struggling to reach your target audience?
Breaking the marketing budget every month?
Unsure if your advertising efforts are even working?
Sick of having to cut back on spending and watch customers slip away?

Can you imagine knowing that the marketing money you spend will reach an audience of local women who are READY to listen to your message and who WANT to build loyal, lasting relationships with local businesses and organizations??

Did you know...

52% OF THE POPULATION in the Roanoke Valley are WOMEN. That’s a grand total of 111,974!

There are 31,945 WOMEN ages 40–60.

The MEDIAN INCOME in Roanoke County is $59,446.

In 2000, the MEDIAN INCOME was $47,689. That is an $11,757 INCREASE in 10 years.


Roanoke for Women is an online directory to connect local women to businesses in the greater Roanoke area. It's a space where you get to advertise your business to the thousands of women who are already looking for what you offer.

Constant marketing and accessibility, every single day!


Advertising Opportunities:

There are two levels of advertising so you can decide how to list your Roanoke business.

The first 100 businesses to sign up for the Deluxe Package will be able to lock in the lower rate of $49 per month. Must enter promo code IMIN2017 at the time of checkout.



Full page listing

 Website link

1 listing category

Promotional area for discounts or coupons

Contact information


Ability to edit your listing


Full page listing

Website link

3 additional links for social media

3 listing categories

Promotional area for discounts or coupons

Event submissions

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Ability to edit your listing

To take advantage of this deal, you must enter promo code: IMIN2017 at checkout.

Meet Founder, Dayna Harvey

My name is Dayna Harvey. I moved to Roanoke in 2003 and when I got here, I knew just 2 locals. I struggled to get connected here. I had a little girl who was 15 months old and I was pregnant with my son. It took me years to truly feel like I belonged here and to figure out what businesses I needed access to, and where they were.

I lived by trial and error and THAT was no fun.

Many years ago, I envisioned creating an online community that would easily connect local women with local businesses and organizations. And that is exactly what is all about.

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
Raquel Rothe Owner, Sleep EZ Diagnostic Center is a welcome and exciting addition to the Roanoke Valley.  Local women will finally have an online community to use, with which they can really see all the wonderful businesses and organizations that this area has to offer. Local businesses and organizations will finally have a way to effectively connect with women who are their potential customers or clients.  Dayna Harvey is a business woman who is smart and innovative and above all else, does business with integrity. I am proud to be a part of

Love Kingsbury Owner of Live, Love, Massage

There are multiple reasons why I want to be involved with the community.  As a business owner, I am constantly looking for the best way to market and attract more women to look at our website and see what we have to offer for the WHOLE family.  For my business to be a part of a trusted source of information is tantamount to increasing our revenue.  As a mom, I know that most of the legwork and research is done by me for whatever my family needs.  I appreciate the fact that there is one website I can go to with trusted business partners to meet my families individual needs.  As a woman, it feels good to be recognized in what we bring to the table.  Women are business owners, moms, decision makers, planners, organizers, intelligent, and we want to be informed on the best way to meet our families needs…no matter what our family dynamic looks like. is not just a website, it is the brainchild of one of the most passionate women I have ever met.  She is the reason I want to be part of this, her vision and excitement speaks to me.  This website will be a game changer in the Roanoke Valley and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it!


The first 100 businesses to join the Roanoke for Women directory after we launch will receive…

$20 boosted post on the Roanoke for Women or Roanoke for Mom’s Facebook page


Am I required to keep my listing for a specific period of time?

This is a monthly advertising membership and you can cancel at anytime.

How many women do you expect to use this site?

When Roanoke for Women made it's first appearance nearly 10 years ago there were over 20,000 visitors to the site each month. We were even voted the best website in Roanoke for 2 years running! We can only expect the use of this site to be even greater now that onlineadvertising has become even more mainstream.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds, but you may cancel your membership at any time and just finish out the month.

What comes next?

After submitting payment, you will receive a series of welcome emails that walk you through the setup of creating your business listing. You will receive confirmation when your listing is complete and your business is live on