My name is Dayna Harvey and I am so proud to FINALLY be bringing this online community to YOU. 

My vision for this website began about 11 years ago when I moved to Roanoke and I knew a total of 2 people who lived here. My daughter was just over a year old and I was newly pregnant with my son. I remember driving around the city trying to figure out where things were and to see what there was to do.  I remember feeling quite lost and VERY disconnected.

In 2005, I had my third child and I had gathered a circle of friends that included a number of women who were business owners and moms.  Oh how lucky I felt to have found these amazing women!!

In talking with them, I realized that I was NOT the only woman wanting a local resource that would help me find and connect with all the great businesses, organizations, events and other things to do that this community has to offer my kids and I.

So, it was then that the idea of and was born and after a few false starts and a few life redirections, here we are!!  Life has a way of making things happen in perfect timing.

I believe that NOW is the time that women like YOU are ready for all that this online community is and will be in the months and years to come.

I hope that you will love using this community to connect with all that is amazing and wonderful in the Roanoke Valley area.

I hope that you will shop with and use the businesses that are using this website to connect with YOU.  They truly want an opportunity to serve you as their clients and customers.  These are businesses and organizations that care about this community, that are invested in making a difference AND are committed to ALWAYS doing business with INTEGRITY!

I want this online community to be your “go-to” resource that you will use for all things Roanoke.

Discover and ENJOY!!